Clogging Groups in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

It is always good to find a clogging group in your "neck-of-the-woods"


Phone Number(s)

Website/email address

Dallas, TX - Casa View area
Private clogging classes/other events
Private classes $40/hour
Classes available at your home-  Ask about prices! :-)
Libbi Smith

(214) 499-6217

My site! :-)

Plano, TX 

Jackson's Dance and Theatre Company
(at the northwest corner of Coit and Spring Creek)

7:00 - Beginners
7:45 - Intermediate
8:45 - Performance/Advanced

Shufflin' Shoes Cloggers

Dee Dick

(214) 739-9194
Studio - (972) 385-9453

Shufflin' Shoes

Plano, TX

Revelation Dance Studio
Park Pavillion Center
2001 Coit Rd # 210
Plano, TX 75075

(Tuesdays starting at beginning of May)
Rhythmic Evolution
Kathleen Frazee

(717) 421-0897

Ft. Worth, TX

Tarrant Community College Northwest Campus (Tuesdays)

White Settlement Senior Center (Wednesdays)
Bluebonnet Cloggers
Marilyn Penton

(817) 232-3764

Ft. Worth, TX

Bruce Lea Dance Factory
(Mondays - Saturdays)

Bruce Lea Clogging Team

Elaine Bender

(817) 891-2734

Elaine's site

White Settlement, TX
Dance Etc. of Fort Worth

Dance Etc. of Fort Worth

Maureen Hanson


Dance Etc. of Fort Worth

Grand Prairie, TX

Dixie Grand Cloggers
Glen McCrary

(972) 660-DIXIE

Dixie Grand Cloggers

Grapevine, TX

Grapevine Community Activities Center (Mondays)

North Star Cloggers

John Pryor

(817) 658 2311

Farmer's Branch, TX

Farmer's Branch Senior Center


Jean Moura

(972) 403-7629

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